Repost: Hull City and the Game that Fleet Street Tried to Stop.


Due to a visit to Slovakia I’m going to absent myself from not one but TWO Vasas home games this week (the only midweek of the season – bah!). Thankfully they should be the only two I miss.

To fill in some more backstory about the club I’m following, I’d like to post this article by Alfie Potts Harmer of the ace In Bed With Maradona blog. You see Vasas were not always a struggling Second Division side, at one point they were all-conquering, winning the Hungarian League six times in the ’60s and – amazingly – going undefeated in TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of pre-season European tours.

In 1955 they toured England, just two years after the Hungarian national team (the Mighty Magyars) whipped England 6-3 at Wembley, before destroying them 7-1 in the return fixture a year later. Hungarian football was at an all-time peak and the English press feared the worst as Vasas took on the finest teams in the country…

Read on for the full story.


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