A Kis Goodbye


So the Károly Kis reign of terror at Vasas FC ends after just a few months, the doughty veteran has been given the boot after proving unequal to the tasks of:

A) motivating his players past the 45 minute mark,

B) holding on to any sort of lead,

and C) beating teams whose home crowds are slightly sparser than a Katie Hopkins dinner party.

Kis’ brand of football was simple. Put 11 players on the pitch, roughly in their preferred positions, then watch them slowly unravel until they become dried-out husks of their former selves. Second half performances for Vasas this season have been replete with the vim and vigour one would expect from a darts team after a particularly fulsome Sunday roast.

Piloting a newly-relegated team is never easy, but to see a team (who, lest we forget, started the season so well) wilt so quickly is indicative of Little Charlie’s lack of nous.

Still, I’ll miss Károly’s timeworn face staring grimly into the distance as another lead is squandered.

Fair travels sweet prince, there’ll always be another rainbow.


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