Shirt Story #2: Vasas FC (1991 Home)

I’ve seen a few of these knocking around online and managed to pick one up fairly cheaply. The design is the classic Adidas template which was used for Colombia’s Italia 90 strip, leading me to believe this is from the 90/91 season,

The legendary Colombian midfielder and undisputed Hair King of football, Carlos Valderrama.

The problem is, despite the fact that these are easy to find online, I can’t seem to find any photographic evidence that Vasas ever wore it. Although Ferencváros had the same template that year (see below), Vasas seem to be wearing another brand in the early 90s.

The infamous Fradi. Probably up to no good.

It’s apparently a match-worn shirt, and a few things lead me to believe it’s the real deal. Firstly, it has the marks of velcro pads used to hold sponsor logos on the front, which would be an unlikely addition to a fake shirt, and secondly, why bother going to the trouble in the first place?

The shirt has the number 12 on the back. I’m guessing squad numbers weren’t as strictly defined back then so it could be anyone’s (if anyone has any info on this let me know). It’s also huuuuge, which was the early 90s style (or else indicates a particularly burly Vasas sub).

As usual, any info you have will be gratefully received in the comments. Any ideas who the number twelve usually was? I’m sure the number migrated from player to player but it’s worth an ask.

EDIT: Thanks to my friend Istvan, I have some footage of Vasas wearing a very similar shirt without the white stripe in the 1991/92 season. Perhaps the one I have was a later addition or a test version. Have a look below, especially the end.


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