Shirt Story #3: Tokyo Verdy (1995 Away)

This lovely shirt arrived via a friend last week. In 1995 Tokyo Verdy were still known as Verdy Kawasaki (despite the badge saying Yomiuri Nippon FC), and were still a successful team in the J-League. They came second this year and also won the Japanese Super Cup.

Although I couldn’t find any pictures of it in action, Kazu Miura was still Verdy-based and wore this shirt. As did two players with very different qualities of haircut. The wonderfully-maned Ruy Ramos and the worst-coiffed player in J-League history, Alcindo (who scored 23 goals this year, presumably due to his increased streamlining).

I really like this one. The plain white contrasting nicely with the oversized strokes in the middle. It has a classic look with a dash of the contemporary, but doesn’t overdo it as many mid-90s kits were wont to do.


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