Bye Bye Bene, Bene Bye Bye

At this point it’s not really worth my time learning their names.

So despite seemingly having the Hungarian Second Division equivalent of a Man City budget and a team containing pretty much every top scorer of every tier for the last four years, Vasas had started this season with a resounding “meh”.

Well sadly, that “meh” was downgraded to a “ffs” yesterday, as the 13th District boys managed to lose 3-1 at Budaors: a town in a landlocked country that’s primarily famous for its fishmarket.

Predicatably, the board have responded by hammering on their battered and worn “sack the coach” button, and so Ferenc Bene becomes the 4th Vasas manager to be out on his arse since I arrived here a few years back, following in the underwhelming footsteps of Angry Karoly, Looks-like-he’s-about-to-keel-over Karoly and “that German fella”.

Vasas’s recent managers: a four-Ringoed Beatles of mediocrity

What’s next? Well league leaders Debrecen, holders of the “We Really Shouldn’t Be In This Division But At Least It’ll Be Fun To Batter Everyone For A Year” Cup, are visiting the Illovszky Rudolf Stadium on Saturday. Could be a messy one.


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