Bahrain’s Muharraq head to the AFC Cup Final

While Newcastle can now scour the world for the finest talent thanks to a Saudi takeover, Saudi’s neighbours in Kuwait and Bahrain have to set their sights a wee bit lower.

As the Geordies’ sausage-roll encrusted faces look longingly towards the Mbappes and Haalands of the footballing world (or – more realistically – the Özils and Tarkowskis), Kuwait City can boast not only one-time Boro star Mikel John Obi, but also former Dundee United defender Ryan McGowan. Truly an embarrassment of riches.

Mikel John Obi (source: Sho Pen Online)

And what better place to show them off then at the AFC Cup regional final? Al Muharraq of Bahrain hosted their Kuwait City visitors tonight and – in truth – brushed them aside to continue their fantastic run in the competition.

Mahmoud Almardi (source: Facebook)

The hosts went ahead after 20 minutes when their tricksy number 7 Mahmoud Almardi flicked a drifted free kick over Youssef in the Kuwait goal. Brazilian forward Flavio then sealed the deal on the stroke of half time, his deflected shot ballooning into the net for 2-0.

Mikel went off injured at the beginning of the second half to cap a pretty dire night for the visitors. I’m sure the clubs in Juffair are still open if he gets a move on.

So it’s Al Muharraq of Bahrain who’ll be heading off to face Uzbekistan’s FC Nasaf in a few weeks. I say heading off, but the final will be right here in Muharraq, so they’ve hardly had to head out of the Gulf all tournament.

Unfortunately I won’t be at this one, as I’m off home for the first time in over two years. I’ll have to make do with the Boro and Marske United.

4 thoughts on “Bahrain’s Muharraq head to the AFC Cup Final

    • Your guess is as good as mine! It should be Muharraq though. It’s a big enough stadium and a bit of a fortress for them during this campaign. The National Stadium can be a bit dead.


    • I’ll do my best, but I’d also recommend following the Muharraq Instagram account as they’re really good (unlike some other teams). It’s @muharraqclub

      Entry will almost certainly be free but I’d recommend getting there an hour before kickoff. Getting in can be a pain at the moment.


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